Walking the Beach

Today is our last full day with M&D. D has a lunch date with a friend, so M, Murray and I walk the beach. We walk to the north edge of Surfer’s Paradise on the pavement, and then turn around and stroll the sand back.

Main Beach

The beach goes for miles in both directions.  I look south and the tall buildings go on for miles too. It is an odd sight, these 50 story buildings fronting this magnificent beach. There should be grass huts and tiki bars.


The water is turbulent today. No body surfing, just frolicking in the rollers and foam balls. In some spots there are four sets of waves crashing in parallel towards the shore. It is close to high tide, so the water rushes up the sand and gets us wet.

Walking the beach is therapeutic. The sound of the waves, the movement of the water and the heat of the sand on my feet are calming. I could walk forever with the sight of the blue water on the right, the light brown sand in the middle and the greenery on the left. Blue skies and cooling water as we walk the beach.




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