House Sitter

Contacts and Phone Numbers for Emergencies and Repairs

  • List a couple in case one cannot be reached

Daily and Weekly Chores:

  • Take in mail everyday
  • Water plants weekly
  • Mow Lawn/Rake Leaves/Shovel Snow

Idiosyncrasies of Our House:

New  Flooring РWash with plain water only or with Bona mop and solution

Green Run in Front Entrance – Do not vaccuum

Oven – Convection Oven – manual is in bottom drawer under telephone

Garburator – getting old – do not over stuff

Dishwasher – clean filter every couple of weeks


  • Smoke in the house
  • Bring pets into the house
  • Use candles in the house
  • Use the fireplace
  • Leave windows open when not at home

(Note: Everyone’s list will be different. These are some of the items that we include to give you an idea of what to put on your list.)

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