Trying not to get too excited

We talk about this all the time. Don’t set expectations for a trip too high and do not get too excited. I CAN’T HELP IT! I AM EXCITED!!

The 6 plus inches of snow that has fallen lately has made me want to be in the warm sun, on the water, in my wetsuit and dive gear, getting ready to backroll into the water to go see fishes. I start counting sleeps and deep inside my chest is a little bubble of excitement that is bouncing around. I try to contain it, but the excitement bursts out occasionally.

The expectations thing is easier to control. I know s**t happens on holidays and we may have to deal with it. We had a few of these on our Africa trip. But the point of traveling is experiencing everything and dealing with it with humour and calm. We hope to go diving, spend time in the sun and with our friends. If all goes well, we will do all this and maybe see some extraordinary stuff.

3 sleeps…………….

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