Edmonton – Houston – Cozumel

We discover an efficient time to travel through airports. We arrive at the Edmonton International Airport at about 8:30pm. The United counter area is dead, the only person checking in is an older woman wanting to fly standby. B, R&A check in and check their bags and we head through security. Note – it appears that when you fly to the US on a late night flight, you do not pre-clear customs like you do for an early morning flight. OR they do not pre-clear customs because now every single person going through security in the States has to be screened by the fancy x-ray machine, something that is done on a randomly selected basis through Canadian security. We had allowed time to go through customs and ended up not having to go through this process. Security was a breeze also, so we get to the gate well in advance.

We arrive in Houston early, at about 5:00 am. Customs and Immigration is dead. It takes only minutes to clear customs and head through the airport to security to re-enter the gate area. The lineup is amazingly short and we are through in a blink of an eye.

WOW. Cruising through airports at odd hours has its benefits. The downside is that we are now running on between 1 and 3 hours of sleep depending on which of the 5 of us you ask.

We all take turns falling asleep in the boarding lounge waiting for our flight to Cozumel. We board, B and Murray manage to stay awake during the flight, but I pass out. In a short 1:45 we are landing in Cozumel to the 86 F heat.

Common Area

Common Area

Our hotel, Mi Casa en Cozumel, is quaint, one block off the water and an eight block walk from the dive shop. Our rooms are all very unique and charming. We have arrived!

Our room, The Mango Room

Our room, The Mango Room

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2 Responses to Edmonton – Houston – Cozumel

  1. Jane & Randy Murchison says:

    Hi Guys! How is the diving? Wonderful I am sure! Hope to see a photo, or 2, and to read a funny story, or 2:)

    • murray says:

      Thank you J&R,

      We have posted some pictures from yesterday and today. Murray is getting some good shots, even with the drift diving. I take the camera back tomorrow, so I will see how I do. Diving has been great although we are all getting used to the currents.

      Wish you were here with us!

      Debbie and Murray

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