It’s snowing and we are packing

Murray shoveling, yet again

Murray shoveling, yet again

It’s snowing here. Murray¬† shovels 4 times in 2 days. Okay, enough. Time to dream about the 25 C weather in Cozumel and start packing.

We find the packing list buried under the piles in the library and pull out his clothes and other assorted stuff. We spend about an hour doing this and then unceremoniously dump the stuff in the library along with the rest of the piles.

I put together our first aid kit. It is a minimal kit, with mostly items for scrapes and upset tummies. We both pack our toiletries. I gather all the liquids and test pack them into 2 one litre ziplocs ready for the security check.

This morning while we are waiting for the Milano – San Remo bike race to get near the end, we pack our larger carry on bags. The first thing we do is pull out all the clothes we will wear on the airplane. Then our “purses” and all the stuff that goes in them. My purse will carry the netbook, my regs, dive mask, camera housing with camera inside and assorted little items. Mur’s purse will have his camera, our dive computers, a book and assorted little items.

It only takes me 10 minutes to pack my larger bag. Once everything is gathered, it is just a matter of fitting it all nicely into the bag. A BCD is certainly the most cumbersome item to pack – it eats up tons of space and doesn’t mold very well. But I get everything in and the bag doesn’t bulge too badly. It weighs about 21 lbs, or 10 kg.

Murray’s bag is a little harder as he is taking both set of fins. He gets the fins in and then has to fit wetsuit, mask, dive gear, and few clothes and toiletries in and around them. We have to leave behind one T shirt and change his heavier shorts for a lighter, easier to pack, pair. We strap it all down, zip up the bag and it looks pretty good. It weighs in just heavier than mine.

Almost ready to go!

Almost ready to go!

Even though it is winter once again outside, we are ready to head to the sun, sea and fish inside.

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