Behind Schedule

Murray and I are usually ahead of schedule when it comes to packing for a trip. But, for some reason, for this trip that is 1 week away, we have hardly started. Why is that?

Maybe because I have started up the reno process again. This time it is countertops, which includes a new sink, food waste disposer and cooktop, and blinds for the windows. I hope to make a decision on the blinds today, so that should get one thing done. If the stars, moon and omens line up, I would like to make a decision on the countertops too. I cannot believe how much time all this takes – driving all over the city, phone calls, mulling over countertop and blind samples.

Murray has been away alot doing his back country ski thing. Right now, the snow in the mountains is terrific, so it is hard to resist. He also has a small drafting job that he is trying to get finished. And he is working on photos to submit to a photo competition. Too much going on.

It looks more organized than it feels!

It looks more organized than it feels!

This weekend is the time that we will get going on the packing. Even after we made the decision on how to pack me, with my new BCD and regs, we are still curious to see if it can really be done. I guess we will find out this weekend! Wish us luck!

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