Tour of Alberta – Edmonton

Tomorrow is going to be a stupendous day in Edmonton! Why? Because the Tour of Alberta begins its journey around our gorgeous province.

tour of alberta

The Tour of Alberta has been a dream of Alex Steida’s, the first North American to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, who has resided in Edmonton for a long time. It has taken many years to arrive at this point in time and the cycling community is beside itself with joy!

Murray and I ride our bikes downtown this afternoon to Winston Churchill Square to check out the Festival taking place. There is live music, food vendors, bike shop booths and a plethora of other vendors. Earlier today there was a Family Ride supporting an organization called CASA (Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health).

We ran into some cyclist friends and the buzz is where to go to watch the prologue and whether anyone had seen any of the cyclists. We have heard tales of spotting BMC out on the road, cyclists training on the hill for the Prologue and where some of the teams are staying.

Tomorrow we are going to watch the Prologue on Fortway Drive, underneath the High Level Bridge. Depending on the number of people out, we may wander up and down the hill to watch from various viewpoints.

Over the next six days, Murray and I will follow the Tour around Alberta and blog about our experiences.

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