The Miniature Underwater World

Murray and I enjoy seeking out miniature creatures under the waves. It takes some practise, patience and moving very slowly to spot them. Here is some of the tiny wild life we discovered today.

Yellow line Arrow Crab

Yellowline Arrow Crab

These tiny creatures move about and carry on while we photo and video them.

Lettuce Leaf Slug

Lettuce Leaf Slug

Hermit Crab inside his home

Hermit Crab inside his home

This hermit crab climbed out from the rim of this sponge and down the side. Perhaps going to meet his crab friends for beer and pizza?

Anemometer with shrimp inhabitants

Anemome with shrimp inhabitants

Inside this anenome there are a number tiny tiny shrimp living. They are dark red and white and only about a half inch long. As the aanenome moves in the surge, we spy the creatures deep inside their home.

Today brought many miniature creatures. Wonder what tomorrow bring bring?

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