The Climb

The group decides to start our ski day at “The Whaleback”. We will ski it a couple of times and maybe go to “The Leprechaun”.

The top of The Whaleback is about 1,000 feet above the lodge. If we assume a story of a building is about 12 feet, the climb to the top, right from the lodge, is about an 80 story building. OUCH!

We follow the track Sandra and I put in yesterday. Step, pause, step, pause. A slow pace ensures that we do not sweat too much on the way up. (I am still learning about this heat/cold management.)

The ski down is great! New powder, trackless expanses to choose from. We gather at about 3 /4 of the way down the big slope.

On the Whaleback uptrack

On the Whaleback uptrack

And, we go up again. This time it is about a 40 story building. It takes us about 25 minutes, but B says it feels like 3 hours. And, we ski down again.

At the bottom, part of the group decides to head over to “The Leprechaun”, but N, J and I stay put. We have a quick lunch and a hot drink.

And, we go up again. Another 40 story building. And, we ski down again.

No wonder that my legs are tired.

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