Mistaya Lodge

We like Mistaya Lodge. It is comfortable, homey, roomy, efficiently laid out and welcoming.

My lonely skis on my day of rest

Lonely skis on my day of rest

Upon entering the doors from outside, we find ourselves in the boot room. An ample space for skiers to hang jackets, skins and store packs and boots and to gear up for a day of skiing.

The kitchen is large, accommodating the cooking that happens twice a day. There is cold pantry next to the kitchen to store items that require “refrigeration”. There is a small fridge but only milk, eggs etc get placed inside. There is a freezer in the entranceway for the foods that need to be kept frozen.

The main dining and sitting area is surrounded by windows looking out over the lake and mountains. The area is comfortable and the views ever changing with the sky.

Front window view

Front window view

The building is heated by one franklin stove type fireplace. S, our caretaker this week, keeps it fed so we are toasty warm.

There are two washrooms on the main floor, one in the boot room and one by the pantry. The toilets are composting toilets. The sinks have hot and cold running water.

Upstairs there are 5 bedrooms that sleep anywhere from 2 to 5 people. We are only 7 plus S so each couple and single person has a room to themselves.

There is a sauna building with two showers. A sauna and shower after a day out on the trail feels absolutely wonderful. And I am not really a sauna person, but I look forward to it every day.

There are 2 outhouses in case the lodge is full. There is also another small building that can be rented separately. It sleeps 6, has a kitchen and small dining area.

The lodge at Mistaya is a place where we will return.

Mistaya Lodge

Mistaya Lodge



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