The Wind Scours

Off to the Whaleback. A place we have never skied before. But it looked good from across the valley so we are going to give it a try. It is an easy trek to get to the bottom and not too bad up.

On the trail to the Whaleback

On the trail to the Whaleback

The skiing is a lot different than the last few days, the wind has pounded the snow and it is quite compact and stiff to ski. It is still quite skiable and we lap many times over.

This is a slope made for beginner skiers. No trees. Well, maybe 2 in the whole area. The tree at the bottom is called Ron, named by a kid visiting. Easy slopes, but loooong.

Debbie has a hard time with the expanses, so I just tell her that it is the same slope as Snow Valley. She repeats that in her head as she descends. Her first turns are perfectly shaped esses. By half way down though she is tiring and the esses start to fall apart. She does well for a novice skier on the 4 runs she completed.

I stay and ski 2 more long runs, with J, after K and Debbie skin up and glide back to the lodge. We find some snow that is not wind affected and the ankle deep powder was great.

We are now awaiting our turn in the sauna for some heat and a shower. It is snowing and we will have some fresh powder tomorrow. Appitizers, supper, sleep and we do it again tomorrow.

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