It’s Sunny!

Our third day, Debbie stays at the lodge to rest. Six of us head up the hill. Same slope as the last two days, Heather Ridge. We might as well trash it. We know it is safe and we thought we  should use it up before the sun makes it unskiable.

At breakfast, the avalanche danger was consulted and it was “considerable” on all levels. The group must be careful today. They want to ski the trees, which is more advanced than Debbie wants to ski, so she volunteers to stay at the lodge and have a rest day.

Every day the up tracking gets easier. Maybe it is us getting used to the elevation or maybe we are skiing ourselves into shape.

Glorious day. There was just enough high cloud cover to keep the snow good and it is clear as far as the eye could see. We keep making runs where we think the sun will thicken up the snow and the run is great. So we go up and try to beat the sun on the next run and again it is excellent. We do that until 3 pm and finally the last run down the snow as getting heavy,

Five runs and at the end of every run it is an easy decision to up track once more. A long day but a good one.

The alpine glow after a great day of skiing

The alpine glow after a great day of skiing


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