Mistaya Finale

It snowed 12 cm last night according to the Storm Board. That usually means the snow is deeper where the wind blows a bit. This can be a problem and increases the avalanche danger but we are headed back to The Whaleback and there is little chance of a slide there, the slope is not steep enough.

Off we go, our up track from the last few days is filled in. A good sign. It is easy to navigate at the bottom of the valley but as we reach the slope we are going to ski the vis is about 3 ft. I generally know where to go but the exact route is hard to follow. It is up very shallow depression in the terrain and then right to the top of the knoll. I can’t even see enough definition to follow the depression. I ricochet from side to side by feeling when the tips of my skis tip up. Missed, but only by 50 M or so. We only realize this on our 2nd trip up and we can see where I should have gone.

The skiing is outstanding. As I ski down, the snow is coming up on to my lap. It is what us BC skiers are searching for and we found it. All 7 days were great and each day had its highlights and its down points but today is the flagship day. 12 cm on the storm board translated into 20 or 30 cm on the slope. All the tracks covered in and snow as smooth as silk.

Murray and K almost back at the lodge

Murray and K almost back at the lodge

A fond farewell.

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