Southport, Queensland, Australia

We are back in the city. Traffic. Tall buildings. Huge grocery stores. People. M&D, our kids. Wearing street clothes and deodorant.

Our flight from Fiji to Brisbane was very comfortable in Business Class. We thank the Fijian Gods. We rode the train from the airport to Helensvale and then the G:link tram to the Southport South station just around the corner from our Airbnb apartment and about five blocks from the kids’ condo.

The apartment is very small, slightly used but comfy enough for our 10 days here. Our biggest challenge was to unpack all our stuff and where to store it. We bought some groceries and are able to make breakfast and lunch.

We are spending time mostly with M as D is doing her surgery rotation, reviewing cases and writing a medical ethics paper. We chat over supper then she disappears into the study to work. We are enjoying the bits of time spent with D, learning about her days in the hospital. M, Murray and I played a board game called Pandemic this evening. It is a cooperative game and is very well thought out.

We spent this afternoon solving diving gear issues. We solved Murray’s BCD problem and know how we are going to solve my fin issue, just have to go back to one of the dive shops to buy some straps.

We swam today in the ocean in a netted off area for swimmers just near the Aquatic Centre. We think we swam about 1200 meters. It was a great swim and neither of us feel tired from it. The driving around to dive shops is exhausting though.

You may not hear from us everyday as life here isn’t terribly exciting or different. Goodnight!

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