Road Trip to Golden, BC

We have the car packed up and are on the road by 10:00 am. It will be a six hour drive to Golden, BC, skirting around Calgary and passing by Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and Field.


At least I have my socks on the correct feet!

The traffic on Hwy 2 and then Hwy 1 is heavier than we thought it would be, guess all the students and teachers who have the week off are on the road too. The drive is just a drive until we get into the mountains, then there is awesome scenery that never gets tired.

Cascade Mountain

Cascade Mountain outside of Banff

Once we pass Lake Louise the traffic thins out but the road gets dicier. Glad Murray is driving. We plod along at the speed limit and enjoy the mountains.

Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain

The sun is getting lower and lower as we approach Golden and we have had enough sitting in the car. We reach Golden in just over six hours. Not bad for winter driving conditions.

Approaching Golden

Approaching Golden

We are now ensconced at the Country Comfort Bed and Breakfast waiting for it to be time to go for supper. Let’s go!

See you on top of the mountain!

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