Packed and Ready to Go

The floor in the basement was covered in ski gear until about an hour ago. We go downstairs with our two packing lists, “Backcountry Skiing –  Lodge” and “Backcountry Skiing – Day Trips” and start shoving gear into bags and marking off the lists. Probe? Check. Shovel? Check. Goggles? Check. PJs? Check. Toothbrush? Check. And on we go until only a few last minute items are circled on the lists and the strewn about gear is nicely contained in a few bags.

There is a weight limit when you fly in a helicopter, so the kitchen sink has to stay at home. It’s down to one set of indoor clothes and as many ski layers as will fit in the bag. We wear our ski clothes, boots and transceiver on the heli for two reasons – to save weight in our bags and just in case the heli goes down, but we don’t think too hard on that one.

This trip is catered, so we do not have to plan, prepare and take food with us. Phew! The only edibles we pack are various trail snacks and Coke (for Murray).

So we are ready to go and will hit the pavement tomorrow for our six hour drive to Golden. Forecast looks good and we should be out of the deep freeze that had settled in Alberta over the last week. Heli in on Wednesday….and skiing here we come!

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