The flight from Toronto to Curacao goes smoothly. As we are landing, Murray says, we are 50% to Bonaire. And I reply, well, aren’t we more like 95%? After all, we only have a couple of hours to wait in Curacao and a 20 minute flight left.

As our boarding time draws close the skies open up and it pours and pours and thunders and pours some more. As we are all lined up ready to step out onto the tarmac, we are suddenly herded in the opposite direction, back into the terminal. Our plane can’t land and is circling until the weather clears.

We sit at the gate, our conversation about being 50% or 95% to our destination comes up again. I suggest it should be a more computer like status. Either a 0, for not being there, or a 1, for being there. We are a 0.

Also we talk about being in purgatory. You see, we entered purgatory when we left the house yesterday. As we move through purgatory, we come to various levels or bosses or challenges that we must complete to get out of purgatory. Seat reassignments, lineups, security, hotel shuttles, rain delays, airplane refuelling. We are now stuck on the rain delay level.

Time passes……

I can safely say now that the rain delay, airplane refuelling and the Bonaire taxi, car rental and hotel check in levels have been mastered and we are a 1, for being there.

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