First Day of Shore Diving on Bonaire

Every diver coming to dive Bonaire has to do a briefing and check out dive before going out on his or her own. We arrive at AB Dive for 9:00 and get filled in on on “dos and don’ts”. Easy. We drive to the dive site called Te Amo to test our buoyancy. We over weight ourselves, so no issues and off we go.

We do two other dives with long surface intervals. It is a relaxing day, no hurry and no stress. Murray is a real gentleman and helps me into the water on the dives, and then gets geared up and comes in while I wait in the shallows.

French Angel

The reef is in great condition. It helps being a marine park with very strict rules. The fish are not afraid of divers. I was about two feet away from a French Angelfish and he was not bothered by me at all. They usually are very timid. A number of porcupine fish came over to say hello with their cute little faces.

Porcupine fish

We got reacquainted with trunk fish, who are in abundance here. All different patterns of black, brown and white make each of them very distinctive.

Trunk fish

It is a great first day of Shore Diving in Bonaire.

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