Travel mode. We are on our way to Toronto today and then to Curacao and Bonaire tomorrow.

I said it to myself on the way to the airport but things still get to me.

Yesterday Debbie printed out our boarding passes and they indicated we were relocated on the seat plan. According to the Westjet website we were still in the same seats but out boarding passes indicated something different. Not normally a big deal but we are taking a couple of long flights and decided to splurge and fly in the front rows. There are only two people for every three seats and they actually feed you, you know like they used to do so many years ago. Our reassigned seats are not in the same section so we were somewhat confused.

After a phone call to Westjet yesterday, when the nice lady reassured us things were all fine, this morning Debbie’s spidery sense was tingling. She thought she should check the seats again at the flight gate. The ladies there seem somewhat confused about the whole thing, the seating plan on the computer has now changed. Debbie being efficient Debbie had printed off our original ticket that indicated our original seats, important piece of paper it turns out. It seems the plane we are to travel on has been changed and when that happens the computer randomly reassigns seats. By the time it is discovered this morning our seats had been resold. My angst level increased greatly.

As this transpires we are informed the Westjet computer system is down and they cannot access our flight plan. Without the flight plan we sit. Doesn’t look good. Somehow a flight plan for our trip is sent from Calgary and our pilots are allowed to proceed. Again not good for the level of anxiety.

Once seated on the plane my stomach starts to ease. We are totally lucky. The pilot’s announcement informs us we are the last plane to leave the ground until the glitch is fixed, could be many hours.
Once we land in Toronto, we have to go to the Westjet check-in counter and get the seating mess straightened out.

It seems today is not the day to be dealing with computers. The Westjet check-in kiosks at the Toronto airport are on the fritz and the line to the counter is 50 people long. After a few deep breaths we join the line and inch our way forward.Remember……travel mode.

Best news of the day is the young lady at the desk is able to get us back to the proper seating arrangement. We are happy but there will be a couple of somewhat unhappy folks at the desk tomorrow morning.

Shuttle and hotel went alright and we are now ensconced in an isolated cocoon fOr the evening.

Oooooom. Travel mode.

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