Our Next Adventure……Bolivia and Chile

About 3 weeks ago, I spotted a tour from Wild Frontiers that goes into the salt flats of Bolivia and up onto the Altiplano of Chile. It is a small group (12 people max) tour, and it currently had only 5 folks confirmed. I said to Murray, “Let’s do this!” Hardly any planning, we have time and budget funds and the packing will be so easy! After a few days thought, we decided to go for it. Quickly shuffled money around, booked flights and paid for the tour. Done, we are going!

We have decided to spend two days in Lima on the way to Bolivia, since we are flying in and out of there. We are also arriving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, a day ahead of the tour and staying two days in Santiago, Chile, on the way home. The most challenging part of booking this trip was the hotel reservations in Lima and Santa Cruz. The hotel websites are in Spanish and can be translated to English, but any communication with the hotel through email has to be done in Spanish. BabelFish got a work out! I was quite pleased with the emails I put together to iron out some difficulties. Now we will see if we actually have reservations when we get there!

We have started to lay clothes and items out for packing, which seems to be quite easy as this trip does not require any dive gear. We will go carry on with our usual backpack/shoulder bags, rather than roller bags.

Stay tuned for more trip preparations……but first, The 2016 Tour of Alberta!

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