Nassau, Bahamas

After enduring the “Red Eye” to Toronto and the flight to The Bahamas, Murray, B and I arrive safely in Nassau. Our first impressions of the Bahamas are positive.


Statue of Columbus

The local people are super friendly. They are willing to say Hello as we pass them on the street.  Clerks will kibitz with Murray. The wait staff we have are very helpful and serve us with a smile or laugh.

The touts are not too pushy. A couple of un-official tour guides try to pick up some business from us and when Murray said we were OK by ourselves, they were not happy but they backed off.

There is affluence here. Nicely dressed locals. Fancy cars.

Traffic congestion in Nassau is becoming an issue. Some of the streets had long lines of vehicles throughout the day. The traffic moved, but in the near future the island administrators will find it will grind to a halt due to the numbers of vehicles. Horns talk here, but not the cacophony of SE Asia. Watch out, I’m going by. Thank you! It’s my turn. I’m coming around the corner.

Nassau is a cash society. Except for our hotel bill, we have paid cash for meals, water, drinks, taxi and snacks.

Tomorrow we take a hopper fight over to San Salvador where we will spend 10 days scuba diving and exploring the island. We hope our impressions of that island will match the ones we have of Nassau’s island.


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