Musings on an Easy Day

D has an appointment this morning so we hang out with M at the condo, which is just fine as it is raining. We research hotels in Brisbane, as we are spending two days there at the end of our trip, and book one.

Murray and I muse on how the type of traveling we are doing in Australia is quite different than traveling with a guide, like we did in Myanmar, Bhutan, Tanzania and Botswana. When traveling with a guide, gone is the stress of navigating and driving. Gone is the stress of finding a room for the night. Everything is taken care of – hotels, food, transport. All that is necessary is to look out the window at the wonderful sights going by. And a deep wallet!

A view of Surfer's Paradise

A view of Surfer’s Paradise

D returns, we munch lunch and are off for a tour of “A Day in the Lives of D and M”. We first go to Griffith University and have a quick tour of where D spends her days. The building is called G40, which is the Health Center. We leave her there to do some studying and M, Murray and I drive to Bundle to see where M works for the City of Gold Coast. We visit the floor where he works and his coworkers are thrilled to meet us. We visit for a few minutes and say bye so we can go on a short walk around the park housing the Arts Center and Counsel Chambers. The rain has abated and the sun is shining on our easy day.



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