Missed Items from the Solomons

As we sat on board the Dash 8 domestic flight from Munda back to Honiara I noted that all the signage on board was in two different languages. English and Greek. Must mean Solomon Airlines has purchase a used plane from Olympia Air. This is a little disconcerting as Greek things in general which would include the national Greek airlines is not know to be well maintained. So a used aircraft from them would probably not be in the greatest of shape. That coupled with the fact that an airlines from a country such as the Solomon Islands probably does not have the highest standards when it comes to maintains makes for a bit of angst when heading into the sky over open ocean.

The next thing is if I don’t have fish for dinner for the next year it will be too soon. We have eaten fish at least every second meal. I am OK with fish but not as a steady diet. We have often had choices, a vegetarian dish or lamb would be included but fish would the the best alternate. By the last week I was saying to Debbie NO MORE FISH and it would be the only thing on the menu I would eat. A hamburger will be high on the list of first dinners when we arrive home. So, just 2 hours after I wrote this Debbie informs me we are having sushi for dinner tomorrow. Fish again.

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