Last Two Days

The last two days have been overcast with light snow falling intermittently. The avalanche risk is still considerable, so we ski the trees.

I am getting better at picking my own routes through the trees but can only plan so far and then have to stop and review the upcoming terrain and plot a new route. I occasionally do my panic thing and end up laying in the white stuff waiting for Murray to ski down to fish me out.

Murray has been searching for the good snow and makes extra runs with a couple of the others after I head back to the lodge. Today they discover some great snow just above the lodge off to one side.

I look at a map that has the number of feet of the climbs up to the tops of the mountains.  Mista Vista is a climb up a 150 story building, Heather Ridge is a 100 story building and Mohawk is a 70 story building. Ouch!  Today I climbed up three quarters of Heather Ridge twice today, no wonder my legs are tired at the end of the day!

We have finished skiing for the week and I think everyone has had a great time. Great food, great skiing and great company. We are already talking about next year.

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