Last Day on Saba

Our last day on Saba is a non dive day. Feels weird not to dive. We hike up to one to the hills for a view of Windwardside. The hike is up steep mossy steps in the forest, the view is wonderful.


We laze by the pool, nap, go “downtown” to settle our dive bill and do our shopping. Easy day.

As we sit outside the bakery eating lunch, I notice that almost every vehicle that passes by has scrapes on the side or corner of the vehicle. The roads here are so narrow and are bordered by stone or concrete walls, that it is easy to accidentally rub against them. Murray and I decide that if we were to drive here, we would choose the tiniest car available!


Saba is a very unique island. Living in a “mountain” setting but going down to the ocean every day to dive. We both have enjoyed our stay here and will one day return. Good bye Saba, until next time!


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