Kona, Hawaii Photos

I have posted a sampling of our photos from our scuba diving trip to Kona, Hawaii in November, 2015. We saw some amazing wildlife underwater. Swimming frog fish, tiny crabs of all shapes and colors, dainty nudibranchs, majestic manta rays, ever transforming octopi and many colorful fish that are indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands.

White Margin Nudibranch

White Margin Nudibranch

To view photos, hover over “Photos”, in the main menu bar, until the drop down menu appears. Click on “Kona, Hawaii 2015” in the drop down menu. Wait until the photos load. Click on the first photo and a “slide show” view will appear. Scroll through the photos using the arrow on the right. Click on the “x” in the upper right hand corner to exit out of the slide show.


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