On The Road – Backcountry Ski Trip

Murray has been at a lodge this past week backcountry skiing. The lodge does not have WIFI. HORRORS!! He assured me he would write posts each day and post them when he gets home. This is a post he wrote last Sunday after he arrived in Revelstoke, where he is to catch his helicopter to the lodge. He emailed it to me so I could post it.

Canmore is significantly warmer today. I have to be gone by 10:30. Need to be in Golden between 12 and 1. E is watching the football game in the Boston Pizza lounge and he doesn’t want to be there all day.

Travel is fine until Castle Junction. A couple of cars in the ditch but I think that was last night’s doing. Then there are a few more cars in the ditch. Cops go by, lights flashing and going fast. A few kilometers further along a sport truck is rolled on its roof and a gaggle of uniformed folk standing around investigating. No more cruise control. Pass a few more ditched vehicles and a lot more icy road and I get to Golden before 1.

E, and his gear, are carefully ensconced in the car and it’s off to Revy. The conversation is good, the roads are good and the time passes quickly. Just outside Revelstoke the snow starts. Big wet flakes. It does nothing but build the anticipation of the trip to come.

The Cube Hotel is a boutique hotel in the middle of town. Interesting place. Sort of a cross between a hotel and a hostel. Small rooms with a common area to sit in and meet the other patrons. Not really like other boutique hotels I have stayed in, which are generally what I would say upscale, funky, and more cozy then a regular hotel or motel. The Cube is definitely funky and cozy but not upscale. I like it though.

Catch the heli tomorrow.

Stayed tuned for more posts, and some photos, after Murray gets home tomorrow.

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