Kona’ Small Creatures

Murray and I love to search for small creatures when we are underwater. It usually takes a few days of diving to get our eyes and brains attuned to finding these little wonders. But once we know where to look and what to look for, we do find them hiding in coral heads, under ledges, in cracks and sometimes in the wide open.

Tiny crabs and shrimp hide in coral heads, like the shrimp in the above photo. He just stared at me while I stared back at him and then shot a pic.

Dive Master, S, holds a coral banded shrimp. Poor guy was trying hard to get away, but S kept him captive until we all had a look, then he placed him back where he found him.

The White Margin Nudibranch is a gorgeous creature only an inch long. He has two “feelers” at his front end and a bustle at the back end, which are his lungs. (Sorry for the non technical wording you marine biologists……we need a better fish book!)

It took two or three days for us to start to see the smaller stuff. The terrain and small creatureswe are so different than the Caribbean. But, by this last day we are gettting the hang of it. A couple of days ago I was finding things and showing one dive master, A. He was really impressed. Maybe I could get a job. Have to brush up on my marine biology first.

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