Kona Again!

I remember travelling to Hawaii as a child and as a teenager with my family. After landing, the airplane door would be opened and this wonderfully flower and ocean scented air would drift into the cabin of the plane, and I would know we had arrived in paradise.

That same sensation came over me as I stepped out of the Westjet plane after landing in Kona yesterday. Murray and I are here for two weeks with our friends D&C, from New York State, to scuba dive and enjoy island life.

Today we sampled that island life by doing some chores in the morning like visiting the dive shop and buying a few groceries. After lunch, we navigated to Kua Beach for a swim. The supermoon is causing the waves to be larger than usual. There were guys out in the water attempting to boogie board these huge waves. I did not go into the water – too big for my liking. Mur walked in, got hit by a wave and lost his goodles and do rag. So much for a decent swim at that beach!

Next stop, Beach 49, within the Mauna Lani Bay development. Stunning black sand beach. Only four people on the beach when we arrive. We dive into the water and frolic like seals, so happy to be in the ocean. We laze in the dappled shade of a tree until we feel the need to return to civilization.

And return we do, with a thud. The traffic jam along the highway into Kailua-Kona is ridiculus for paradise. Apparently it is like this every day. Maybe that is why they are building another’s two lanes for the highway. Hopefully it will be finished soon to alleviate this hiccup in paradise.

Tomorrow  we start scuba diving, so the air blowing around and through us will be ocean air, soothing and salty.

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2 Responses to Kona Again!

  1. Bev says:

    Jealous! Sounds like a real paradise! Say hi to the fishies for me!

    • debbie says:

      It is wonderful here, except the traffic, of course. Tomorrow I will tell the fishies all about my dive buddy. Wish you were here with us!

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