We Meet Again

It’s our first day of diving with the Kona Diving Company. We dove with the same crew last year and are looking forward to diving with them again. Laid back, super friendly and fun.

Kona, Hawaii

As we walk onto the boat dock, Alex comes to greet us. He remembers us and we commiserate about the swimming frog fish we found together last year. We dive with Alex as our Dive Master today. Next we reacquaint ourselves with “Shaggy” and “Flossy”. These guys joke and kid with all the divers, but do show that serious side when talking boat safety. Tyler, a dive master in training, is very quiet and takes the good natured ribbing from the experienced dive masters with grace and ease. These fellows have come from all over the US to make Kona their home, either temporarily or permanently.

Kona, Hawaii

We also reacquaintourselves with the underwater wildlife of the Pacific Ocean.

We meet Flame Angelfish who is skittish and doesn’t stay in one spot long enough for me to take a picture. We also meet Whitemouth Moray who Murray trails while filming it’s graceful passage through the water. The large family of Butterflyfish welcome us back to these waters.

The crew on the boat, including the boat captain, plus the underwater life make our first day of diving a fabulous one!

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