Daypacks and Wallets

We take one daypack with us on trips where we think we will be walking or hiking and will need to carry extra items such as jackets, food, water and umbrellas.  When we fly, this pack is packed into a suitcase. On day excursions, I will carry the daypack and Murray will carry his courier bag, due to his camera gear. We have used the same style and make of daypack for many years.

The pack is a “Serratus”, which unfortunately is no longer available. As the picture shows, the pack can be packed up into a small bundle.  The pack is the right size for a couple of jackets, a large water bottle and snacks. The pack is easy to carry providing it is not too heavy.  I rue the day when we have to replace this pack.  In looking for a day pack, consider what will go in it, how easy is it to pack into your suitcase and how does it feel on you when you carry it.

A quick note on travel wallets.  Both Murray and I leave our normal wallets at home when we travel and take smaller, thinner wallets.  Mine is actually a kid wallet – bright purple! Both wallets hold fewer credit cards etc, but we find that we leave most cards at home.  Don’t really need the Save-On Member Card in Greece or China!  Most foreign currency fits in the paper bill section of the wallets . Both wallets are thin enough to lay hidden in the zippered/velcro pockets of our purses. When Murray carries his wallet in his pants pocket, he puts two wide elastics around the wallet, which makes it harder for a pickpocket to remove the wallet.

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2 Responses to Daypacks and Wallets

  1. Rhonda says:

    We had a Serratus daypack as well but went shopping for a replacement since its gone missing. MEC now carries their own version called a Travel Light Top Daypack. It actually folds down into a pocket that is one third to half the size of the old Serratus pack and its very lightweight. Plus it has a thin foam back that you can remove and pack separately. This will help prevent things from sticking into your back if you choose to use it. I think its going to be a good addition to our gear.

  2. murray says:

    The other day Debbie and I were ogling gear at a local outdoor store and we came across another stuffable day pack. It is from Sea to Summit and it’s called the Ultrasil Daypack.
    It packs into a very small attached stuff sack about 5cm X 8cm. Unfolded the pack is quite small as well, and I would have some concern as to the strength of the shoulder straps. If the room in your bag is extremely limited, check out this pack and see if will serve your purpose.

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