Breaking In a New Camera

I have a new underwater camera. My old one was a Canon S95, new one is a Canon G7 X Mark II. Similar, but different.

On day one of diving, I choose settings for the new camera like I chose for the old one. A review of the photos later in the day revealed most of the photos to be out of focus.

Since day I, along with Murray’s expertise, have been playing with the settings trying to take photos that are in focus and that have enough, but not too much, light. It is sometimes very frustrating to get back to the hotel after seeing great creatures, to find out the photos are not salvageable. GRRRR!

Kona, hawaii

Aperature Priority is not good. Speed Priority is better but not perfect. Manual aperature and speed seem to be the best setting but I have to check my speed to make sure there is enough light. Sometimes this is hard for me to figure out underwater, and to remember! Fortunately, Murray uses Photoshop to process all our pictures so he can do amazing things with a photo that is too dark, or too light.

Frogfish Kona hawaii


Hopefully by the time our dive trip is over I will have figured this new camera out and will have, once again, some fabulaous photos.

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