There are dolphins that hang around these parts, they do their sleep thing in the daytime. They keep half their brain turned on and cruise around while the other half sleeps, at some point they switch sides and side two gets a rest. That’s what we’re told. It is of little relevance to us when we jump in the water, swim for 15 minutes and all of a sudden there are dolphins everywhere. They are 40 ft above us but the visablity is good and the image is clear as a bell. One of the wishes (no expectations) for this trip is to see the dolphins and today is the day.


The second dive is all about eels. We are looking for the ever elusive Dragon Eel but today he is just that, elusive. David, divemaster extraordinaire, has a hay day and finds maybe 7 different types of eels this time. There is a Snowflake, Tiger, Yellowhead, the standard Whitemouth, and a few others I can not ID.


As our first dive progresses the dolphins return not once but twice and then in the distance we hear someone banging a tank. David points to the blue and OMG there is a big, very big, shark on a swim by. This is not the time of year to see tiger sharks but there it is 100 or so feet off my port side, taking up the entire field of vision of my mask. We are not more then 100M out of the harbour on our first dive of the day and if we had to we could head back right now totally in awe. Bingo!

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