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“Whale!” shouts D from the bow of the dive boat. “Which brownies are you eating?” calls Shaggy from the aft. Everyone laughs. We all rush forward and watch a humpback whale spout and then show us his tail. Magnificent creature!

As we motor into the harbour, a turtle surfaces for a breath or two of air. A large mottled brown beast that everyone loves.

Pulling into the dock, David calls “Eagleray!” and we all look to the port side then to the starboard side to watch a spotted eagle ray glide under the boat looking for tasty treats left by fishermen.

Cruising to our dive sites we often see a pod of spinner dolphins frolicking in the water. Oohs and ash are emitted when a dolphin treats us to a jump and spin out of the water.

We hear there is a tiger shark in the area and one day coming into the harbour we see a black shadow swimming below us, which the crew indicates is the shark, himself. Looks like a moving black rock to me, but hey, a tiger shark it is!

Going scuba diving is not just what we see underwater but also what we see from our perch on the boat above the water.

Kona, hawaii

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