Last year, one of the dive masters suggested I try a 63 cu ft tank instead of using the normal 80 cu ft tank. It is shorter and weighs less, but the volume of air is “less”. I tried it and loved using it. My air consumption matched Murray’s almost exactly. Until we got to the shallows, and then I seemed to sip air whereas Murray still gobbled it, which still allowed me to stay underwater slightly longer than him.

Kona, hawaii

Last year I had a 91 minute dive on a 63 cu ft tank. The dive masters were teasing me, and shaking their heads, about this ability. This year, again using the smaller tank, one of them said to me that I was actually allowed to breathe underwater. Today, Kerry, the owner of Kona Diving Company, and I stayed under for 94 minutes! (She used an 80 cu ft tank, MS)

Kona, hawaii

Wonder how long tomorrow’s dives will be?

Kona, hawaii


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