It Takes Time, Kona.

Kona, hawaiiIt is amazing how long it takes to get back in stride and begin to find the small animals you know you can locate. 5 days in and I think I am getting close to finding the things I should find.

Kona, hawaii

The first day the big things are easy to see. Loads of the small fish are easy to decern, though I can’t remember what their names are. Then gradually over time I find a few nudibranches and then some unusual fish, small ones that are rare and camoflage well. Most of it is luck, being in the right place at the right time but sometimes I can even scoop the divemaster.

Kona, hawaii

Today I find several different nudi’s, a couple I have never seen before. Debbie finds one really nice one at the end of the dive but the pic is suffering from new camera syndrome and is a bit blurry.

Kona, hawaii

We still have a few days underwater and I expect to get even better. But I would trade the vision of a few nudibranches for the sighting of a tiger shark. We’ll see what the future brings.

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