Bonaire 2023

Surprise! We are in Bonaire once again! We missed our usual April dive trip due to some renovations of our house, so it’s July and we are diving.

It was just over a year since we were on Bonaire and we notice some changes to the island. The main road we drive from our hotel into downtown Kralendijk has been paved! Oh, it was so bumpy and filled with pot holes and we got quite shaken up every time we drove it, but today…..smooth as icing.

Some of the construction projects, resorts mostly, look to be almost completed, if not done.

We dive two dives today. In the morning we visit the dive shop to get signed up and get tanks. Our first dive had stronger current, which is surprising here in Bonaire. Both of us felt like newbies in the water with questionable buoyancy and high air consumption. But it’s always like this when we haven’t dove for a while. Our second dive was much more relaxed, perfect buoyancy, lower air consumption and a much longer dive and yes, slower current.

We introduced ourselves to all the fish again. Trumpetfish, trunkfish, flounder, filefish. Anemones, Christmas tree worms, lobster.

Tomorrow we will start doing three dives a day as we will be able to get an earlier start. Let’s see what fish we meet under the waves.

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