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In one part of Bonaire, sea water is flooded into large ponds and the water is evaporated leaving only salt that is shipped elsewhere. In another part of the island, sea water is pumped into a desalination plant, the salt is taken out to make drinking water. Weird, huh?


Today we dive Margate Bay. There are a couple of other divers doing the same dive, and underwater they are traveling at about the same speed we are. This is the first time we have encountered other divers who are not seeming to race through dive sites. After the dive we head to Cactus Blue, our favourite food truck, for a hamburger. I notice this other couple there, the ones who were diving Margate. I approach them and explain that it is nice to find other divers who dive slow. When I ask where they are from, they say “Edmonton, Alberta, Canada”. I laugh and when M and L ask where we are from, I say “Edmonton!” We share stories while eating the best truck hamburgers on Bonaire. It is indeed a small world!

Slipper Lobster, Bonaire

Slipper Lobster

While we are eating our lunch, the local lizards are enjoying their lunch of escaped lettuce fallen from our burgers to the ground. One walks over Murray’s foot, startling poor Murray. A minute or two later, two lizards are fighting over scraps when their fight takes them across my feet. A squawk is involuntarily let loose, and it was not from the lizards.

Watch out for possessive damsel fish underwater. I was taking a picture of a corkscrew anenome, which happened to be in Madame Damsel Fish’s domain, when she got a little irate and pecked at my hand! That has never ever happened to me before. No blood just a small fright.

The four Canucks head to Batchelor’s Beach for the final dive of the day and spend a good portion of our time hunting for non existent seahorses. Peaceful dive, as mentioned we all dive about the same. We part in the parking lot with intentions of exchanging cards and maybe someday diving together in some far flung place.

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