Bonaire Road Signage

Bonaire is a special municipality of the Netherlands, so there are many Dutch speakers here. Many food labels and menus are in Dutch, so it would make sense that road signs with words on them are in Dutch too. Roads signs with no words can also be rather humorous for North Americans.

There are wild donkeys on the island, so there are warnings for motorists about donkeys crossing the roads, or that’s what we think it says.


In some countries, they are called speed bumps or sleeping policeman. Here they are drempels.


And just for fun, this one means “Welcome to Saskatchewan”!


There is a narrow road in the north of the island where there are many dive sites. Motorists need to be warned about these creatures crossing the road.


That’s all for our take on the signage in Bonaire, but here is a critter we met today.


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