Last Day of Diving in Bonaire

It is our last day of diving here in Bonaire. There are so many dive sites up and down the west coast, that even on our last day, we dive two sites we haven’t been to.

We have been searching for good photo opportunities of this fellow and today we finally got some. He is a peppermint shrimp. Cute fellow who sways back and forth inside tube sponges.


A few days ago I happened across a belted cardinal fish hiding in a coral. I have been searching for him and today we find two different ones. Tiny fellow with a snub nose. Again, a real cutie.


We dove 13 days straight. Ten days were 3 dive days and three were two dive days. We covered a good portion of the dive sites on the west coast, and even two on the east coast. We did not get over to Klein Bonaire to do some boat diving, maybe next time. It was a great dive trip with a myriad of sea life. I think we will be arriving home slightly tired. See you on the other side.

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