When we camp, Murray and I are always on the look out for wildlife.  It doesn’t matter if it is a squirrel or a bear – we are enchanted.  Here are a few of the new friends we made on our car camping trip.


This little fellow was trying to hang out with us when we were camped at Johnson Lake, east of Oysoyos.  He was very persistent and would climb up the lawn chair leg or Murray’s pants or the picnic table. He was very ornate and looked like a wizened old sensei.  He didn’t want to co-operate when I was taking this picture.




At Redstreak Campround in Radium, we were camped in a site next to a meadow.  A small group of deer, including a couple of fawns were eating right at our site. They were not afraid of us and just kept munching away as I snapped picture after picture.



Munching Breakfast

They moved on, but the next morning,  they were back again. It was very special to share our space with these wonderful creatures.



At Redstreak, Murray and I were enjoying the quiet as we read our books in the sunshine when we heard this odd sound. And then again.  I stood up and looked about and saw two ptarmigan walking in front of our vehicle.

They were eating and moving along.  I slowly got my camera out and followed them through the campsite taking pictures. They weren’t to concerned that I was following them.

Our very industrious squirrel friend

This little guy was tossing spruce cones out of trees and stashing them away all afternoon and he continued the next morning.  We must have been in his territory. I was waiting for a cone to land in our breakfast they were coming down so close to us.

On our small trip, we actually saw three bears, but unfortunately we do not have any pictures.  I saw one of the bears while I was on my bike, so stopping for a picture was not what I thought a good idea.

When crossing Brentwood Bay on the ferry we saw thousands of jelly fish in the water.  Murray looked them up and they are Aurelia and Lion’s Mane jelly fish. Below is a Lion’s Mane.

Lion's Mane JellyfishWe have quite enjoyed spotting and observing the wildlife on our camping trip.

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