West Coast Trail Wednesday, July 24 – Edmonton to Kamloops

And so it begins.

All the weeks of training and prep have come down to now.  We leave relatively early. 8 am we are on the road. Alberta sure is green. The traffic is very light considering it is the middle of summer. We have a pretty uneventful trip to Lac Le Jeune Campground, south of Kamloops. Lots of deer warning signs, no deer. A few wolf signs, no wolves. There are wildlife signs in Jasper Park, no wildlife. There are few moose signs and we see a moose, of course it was nowhere near the area where the signs were posted but it is none the less a moose. Don’t see moose often in these here parts.



We don’t see any bear signs, and we do not see any bears.  We do not see even one gopher sign, not one, but we do see a dead gopher. We turn south at Valemont and watch the temperature climb from 23 C to 37 C, one degree at a time. Mount Robson is cloudless. How often do you get that? I’m taking it as an omen, the good kind.

Mt. Robson

Mt. Robson

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