Watching the thermometer

When Murray gets up this morning, at Mistaya Lodge, the thermometer says -28.2 C. As each person arrives downstairs, the thermometer is checked and groans are subsequently emitted.

Mistaya Lodge

Trapper Peak

Breakfast is served and the thermometer reads -25.9. It is light outside but the sun hasn’t peaked over the mountain tops. We are not going to rush out this morning.

As the sun rises over the mountains and shines gloriously, the thermometer rises not in tenths, but in whole degrees. There is hope!

Mistaya lodge

Top of Mohawk

At about 10:00, we are geared up ready to tackle Mohawk, the temp is a balmy -14.9! The snow is sparkling and the sky is a blue that never gets tired.

The high today reaches -9, a perfect temperature for backcountry skiing.

It has been a day of climbing, deep snow, great turns and watching the thermometer.

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