We are two weeks away from what I call our grand tour of the South Pacific. Edmonton to Honolulu to Fiji to the Gold Coast, Australia to Solomon Islands back to Fiji then Honolulu then home. Seven and a half weeks away. That will be the longest trip we have been on. I wonder if we will even want to come home?

Our first stop for a night and a half is Oahu. I wrote awhile back about my love affair with this island and am excited to go back after a 9 year hiatus. I want to take Murray for a long walk down the beach, body surfing in the gentle waves, swimming in the lagoon and eating sushi for every meal. I have warned him not to look at all the tall hotels and the thousands of people. Just look out to the water.

Flying to Hawaii in the early 60’s

We had an option of flying to Fiji through Los Angeles or Honolulu. The flight is split more evenly through Honolulu, and if given the choice, wouldn’t you rather spend a night in paradise rather than a big bustling noisy smelly city?

Our flight to Fiji leaves Honolulu at 3:00 am. Who does that? So, after arriving in Honolulu at 9:30 pm, we opted to spend a day walking the beach rather than staying in transit.

I am excited about returning to Waikiki and I hope Murray will share my enthusiasm for my love affair with this paradise.

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