Utila Update

Before we left for India and Bhutan, we had sent our friends in New York a US dollar money order so they could pay for our portion of the hotel.

A few days ago, I booked a hotel in Houston as we have to spend the night there on the way down as our flight to Houston does not connect with the Houston to San Pedro Sula flight.

I started looking for hotels that had a free shuttle from the airport.  Then I added an area shuttle as many hotels supply this too and it sounded like a good idea.  Then I added breakfast included.  Then I had so many hotels to choose from I got lost and just a little frustrated.  (Tear hair out here!)

So I backed up and thought to myself, “What are we going to do for the day in Houston?”. I first found the  NASA Johnson Space Center but it seems to be too far away to use public transportation.

Then I found a gem! The Menil Collection  is a series of art museums set on a 3 block by 5 block park and is perfect for Murray and me to wander around in.  Below is one of the exhibits at the Menil Collection. And it looks like we can get to it using the bus or metro.  It will be an adventure and a little bit of culture!

That changed the focus of searching for a hotel as we now needed one close to a major artery where the bus travels.  I found the Wingate by Wyndham Houston Bush Intercontinental.   It has an airport shuttle, no breakfast (not a big deal) and is about 2 shortish blocks from the bus route.  The room came out to $88 Cdn, so not too bad.  Phew!  Done!

We are basically ready for our trip to Utila.  All hotels (Houston and Utila) and flights (long haul and hopper flight) are booked and paid for. We just have to pack and go!

Deep Blue Resort (by Steve Fox)

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