Coming Down off a Holiday

We have been home just over 3 weeks now.  I find it very hard to come down off a weeks long holiday. I almost get depressed after about a week at home.  I think it is when reality hits and I realize that I now have to get back into the normal day to day routine of life.

So, we work at the routine and settle in. It’s not so bad once the routine gets set again.  Laundry gets done, dishes, meals, exercising, working are all routine now. I can always tell I am settled in when the laundry and plant watering starts to occur on a weekly basis.  It did take almost three weeks for this to happen.

It took over two weeks to recover from the jet lag. The adage that a person needs one day for every time zone is so accurate.  For this trip, it calculates out to 12 days.  It actually took more than that.  And it is not just the sleeping that is affected.  It is also the eating and the, how shall I put this, bodily functions that have to be turned around.  I think our bodies are finally back on Mountain Standard Time.

We have been working on our pictures and that has kept the trip alive for me. As we review pics we relive the smells and the heat and the noise. I have loaded my favorite underwater photos on my desktop background. I think that is my favorite thing to do with our pictures.

Sharing our trip with our friends excites us. We have sent fish pics to our dive buddies from Australia, who were with us in the Andamans, and from New York, who are meeting us in Utila.  We are prepping our short and long versions of our slide show. The shorter version is done and ready to go and will be shown to most of our friends on an evening coming soon.  The long version needs a final review to make sure the title pages (this is a first for us) are in the right place.  This longer version is usually just for Murray and me, but this year we are sharing it with a small group of friends who are really interested in this particular trip.  Our Bhutan tour friends, L&R, are also joining us to reminisce about Bhutan and share some Indian food. We are looking forward to both evenings.  To us, part of traveling is sharing our experiences, so other folks might consider traveling to far off places.

So, life is mostly back to normal.  We carry with us the experiences of India and Bhutan as we teach skiing, swim, spin, do laundry, cook and blog.

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