Trip Expectations

Murray always cautions me not to get too excited before we leave on a trip and not to raise the expectations of a trip too high.  Why? If expectations are raised too high, and we have preconceived notions on how things will pan out, how will we feel if things don’t go quite as planned?  Will we be unhappy? Maybe. If we tell ourselves this is just another dive trip, then it will be easy to exceed expectations. We will relax about how things unroll on the trip and will not try too hard to make the trip perfect.

So, although I am excited about this trip, especially since we are going with friends (who are excited), I am trying to be realistic and take things as they come and just enjoy the experience.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this is very hard to do!

We have a saying that we tell each other once we get to the airport and we loose some control over how things play out. It is “travel mode”.  It means that we will take things as they come and deal with everything we have to in a calm, logical, friendly manner.  When a flight is delayed, no point in getting upset……”travel mode”.  When dealing with language barriers………..”travel mode”.  When dealing with missed flights, huge airports, security, hotel staff, cab drivers………….”travel mode”.

See you on the other side of the Caribbean.

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