Traveling with a Lucky Charm

We travel with a lucky charm on this trip. After all the excitement and issues we have experienced in the last few trips, this one was easy. All due to our lucky charm!

On the way to San Salvador, our flight from Edmonton leaves on time and we make our connection in Toronto to Nassau with ease. The next day, we have a slight delay with our flight from Nassau to San Salvador, but we are not in a hurry and we do make it to our destination. That day flights are being cancelled to the northern Bahamian islands due to the storm that becomes Hurricane Arthur, so we are lucky the storm was not further south.

On the way home, our hopper flight to Nassau leaves on time. The next day, our flight to Toronto actually leaves early and we have lots of time in Toronto to clear customs and catch our flight to Edmonton. This is easy traveling!

Murray and I decide that we should take our lucky charm with us on all our trips. Ready to go, B?

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