Top of the World and Trees

Murray in his element!

Murray in his element!

Last day today up at Sol Mountain Lodge. J and A want us to ski with them today. After much grilling about where we would ski, terrain and trees, Murray and I agree to go with them. Our group today numbers 7.

It is a long trek up over a ridge to an area called Merlot. We walk all the way to the top of the low mountain. It feels like being on top of the world. Snow covered, not many trees and a view that goes forever. We do not linger as the wind is trying to blow us off the top.

Top of the World

Top of the World

A long ski down to where the trees start and we skin up and hike up part way. My legs are telling me I need lunch. Ski down, stop for lunch in the sun and the shelter of the wind. Everyone takes two more runs down the steeper part of the terrain. I wait for them and watch their technique aspiring to be able to ski like them.


We are all fatigued and are nursing various hurts (mostly blisters) so it is an easy decision to head┬áback to the lodge. We somehow miss the “easy” route I was told we would take down, and end up skiing down through…..wait for it……TREES!!! The one thing I have have been avoiding like an old boyfriend.

J is my white knight and makes nice tight snowplow turns down through the trees, which I follow like my life depends on it. Murray follows as tail gunner in case I decide to have a chat with a tree. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I think I concentrated so hard on J’s tracks I forgot about the trees. We punch out the bottom and glide into the meadow. WHO HOO! I made it!

Today we were at the top of the world and skied through the trees. Next week we will be in the bottom of the sea swimming through the coral heads.

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