Today there is some relief from the sun. It has been relentless and when you’re surrounded by snow the sun hits you from all angles. It’s like standing in a mirror box. High altitude and intense sun makes for sun burn on any exposed skin. Most of the time that would be from the shirt collar to the hat brim. The amount of sun screen used by 15 people skiing for 5 days is amazing. Even lathering with SPF 30 only helps a little, everyone of us has a bit of a red glow, some more than others.

The clouds move in about 10 this morning. It was instant relief from the oppresive glare but it hampered the softening of the snow. Each night the snow freezes and there is a crust that makes for easy travel but marginal skiing. Debbie and I search around for a slope she can ski that faces south. We found a couple of places to ski. The sun is ensconsed behind the cloud and the snow is what it is but we are not skiing ice crust and Debbie has her best runs of the week.

The run home has been elephant snot (pigsnot, schmoo) all week and today, with the hidden sun, it was 1″ of soft snow on a hard base. Ideal for skiing, so today we get to ski to the lodge. The day could have been a write off but we perservered and we had another great one.

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